Falck A/S provides a good vary of services among health, safety, edge help and alternative help to company customers and personal households in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, European nation and Baltic State. The international operation conjointly includes activities in countries like Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Lithuania, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & island, the uk and therefore the u. s.. Falck Safety Services—formerly known as Training—is a supplier of rescue and safety courses, particularly for workers within the offshore sector and therefore the maritime sector. conjointly the industry, hearth services, the aviation business and military defence units use Falck's competences and coaching centres for safety coaching for his or her workers. additionally, Falck is that the largest personal auto company in Europe.[citation needed] Falck provides auto services to the final public in seven countries in shut collaboration with the authorities. Falck conjointly provides alternative services for the general public sector like patient transport, rehabilitation of patients from the general public hospital sector, operation of helpful instrumentality centres and variety of services for the police and therefore the road authorities. On 1 January 1963 Falck acquired shares in the competitor Zone-Rescue Corps. Officially, the rescue corps were merged to the "Falck Zone", but in fact, the Falck took over the Zone Rescue Corps. In 1977 the name was shortened to just "Falck". [3] Until 1988, the company was owned by Sophus Falck's descendants, but was sold to the insurance company Baltica in April 1988. Today, the company consists of a consortium consisting of the Lundbeck Foundation (57.36%), KIRKBI (Lego) (27.73%), Management (10.25%) TryghedsGruppen Smba (4.07%) and div. (0.59%) Five years later, 1993, expanded the activities to include the security and security of ISS Securitas, which changed its name to Falck Securitas. Dit werd het startpunt voor een internationale expansie, waar Falck verworven veiligheids- en beveiligingsbedrijven in een aantal landen en zich geleidelijk ontwikkeld tot een van de werelds grootste spelers in de beveiligingsmarkt. In 1995, the Group was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. In 2000 Falck joined the international hedging group Group 4, and the new group was named Group 4 Falck. In 2003 completed a new merger, this time with the English Securicor, and the new group, Group 4 Securicor, became the world's second largest player in the hedging market, only surpassed by Swedish Securitas. At the latest fusion, it was decided that the Group should be divided into two independent parts: A hedge group (Group 4 Securicor) og en redningsgruppe (Falck). So in July 2004, the rescue group was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange under the name of Falck A / S. However, in November 2004 Falck A / S was acquired by the capital fund Nordic Capital in cooperation with ATP Private Equity, and in 2005 the Falck share was finally derecognised. Nordic Capital sold its shares in 2011, and the main shareholders are the Lundbeck Foundation and KIRKBI. Today Falck A / S has approx. 38,000 (2015) employees distributed in 45 countries in six continents. [4] Business Areas The company's business areas are divided into four sections: Rescue, Assistance, Healthcare and Training. Den første er de ældste og mest berømte. The latter are relatively new and have arisen in continuation of the activities within the oldest activities. Rescue The Rescue section includes ambulance driving, fire service and non-emergency patient transport. It is through this area Falck's brand is probably best known in Denmark, but through recent years also abroad. Pr. February 1, 2010 driver ambulance driving for Denmark's regions in 91 of the 98 municipalities (however, shares the assignment in Copenhagen Municipality). In addition, fire services operate alone in 43 municipalities, while in 24 municipalities share the task with another branding service. [5] In view of the fact that for ambulance services in Denmark, a dominant position has been taken [6] has given rise to some criticism over the years. But, conversely, also give access to a number of economies of scale in the form of a number of tasks that the small competitors can not lift alone. Et klart eksempel på dette er undervisningen for frelser, som har været gennemgået af næsten alle ambulancefolk i landet. I have had the opportunity to test alternative vehicle types, such as the lift tank, as the big organization gives access to, for example, vehicle purchases and specialist workshops. Following awards in 2008, the regional councils in Central Denmark Region and Region Zealand decided to allocate large parts of ambulance driving in the regions from autumn 2009 to other than Falck. Swedish Samariten Ambulans AB was thus chosen to take over ambulance driving in most of Region Sjælland and parts of Region Midtjylland, while Denmark Responce was contracted for ambulance driving in the Horsens area. Men, i december 2008 og januar 2009, var det konstateret at Samariten ikke hadde økonomien til at tage over ambulance i de områder som er oppnådd. In Region Midtjylland, the Samaritan areas went on to Falck, who had given the next best bid. In Region Zealand, a new offer was made in which Falck recovers all ambulance operations in 2009, with the exception of driving in the municipalities Greve, Køge and Solrød, which is taken over by Roskilde Brandvæsen. Falck expanded its region in the Capital Region, and Falck's market share is thus largely unchanged after the extensive supply rounds. Assistance The Assistance section includes various forms of auto help and assistance in this regard. This typically takes place through subscription schemes. In addition to Help Denmark, Falck also offers Falck Euroservice, which ensures customer support in Europe through Falck's own acquired suppliers, but also in cooperation with local suppliers in the individual countries. 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